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Global Research Collaboration Grant Program (GRCG)

Call for Proposals: Global Research Collaboration Grant Program

Deadline: Friday, November 18, 2022


UGA is launching the 10th round of funding for the Global Research Collaboration Grant (GRCG) program to encourage the development of sustainable international research and service activities. Grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 will be awarded to support preliminary international research, partnership development, and preparation of proposals in pursuit of specific sources of external funding.


The program is funded by UGA’s Office of Global Engagement in conjunction with academic units. Proposals are due November 18, 2022.


For the upcoming funding cycle, proposals contemplating collaboration with colleagues located in one of the six partner regions participating in the Regional Leaders Summit (RLS) will be evaluated favorably. These regions are: Bavaria (Germany), Québec (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil), Shandong (China), Upper Austria (Austria), and Western Cape (South Africa). For more information about the RLS, see

Grantees may use the funding during the current fiscal year for videoconferencing, travel and other collaborative efforts, preliminary data collection, feasibility studies and proposal preparation. To be eligible, proposals must identify and commit to pursue specific sources of external funding as a result of the activities enabled by the grant.


More information:

GCRG Detailed Guidelines and Proposal Submission Form

Questions regarding the GRCG program, including requests for assistance in identifying international partners, can be directed to:

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