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NIH Awards $1.9 Million to Support Training in Tropical and Emerging Diseases
Every year, parasitic diseases are responsible for more than a million deaths and leave hundreds of
UGA Awarded Additional $4 Million for Human Trafficking Program
The funding is part of the TIP Office’s Program to End Modern Slavery and builds upon the $15.75 million that the TIP Office awarded APRIES in 2019.
New Online Portal Launches
The new Mandela Washington Fellowship Portal will provide a unique opportunity to bring the Fellowship’s nearly 4,400 Alumni, selected finalist and alternate candidates for the 2021 Fellowship, Reciprocal Exchange Awardees, and selected Fellowship Partners together to virtually explore strategies for leading in times of crisis and shifting paradigms.
UGA Scientist is Tracking 'Hitchhiker' Genes
When food enters a country, it’s normally tested in order to be deemed suitable, meaning it has no viruses or bacteria that can harm humans. But it could harbor harmless bacteria that carry these MCR genes, which can then potentially be transmitted to other pathogenic bacteria in the country that imported the food.
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