UGA Global Impact
Mandela Washington Fellowship
Empowering young African leaders through mentorship and leadership training.
DOE Export Control Fellows Program
Training for Peace: an intensive, strategic-trade-management training for global security.
Modern Day Slavery (ASPRIES)
Building a global community of researchers and learners in the science of estimating human trafficking.
US/UK Young Ag Leaders Exchange
Strengthening cultural ties and knowledge sharing in the grain and dairy business.
Innovating milk sterilization and storage for economic and health prosperity.
Feed The Future: Sorghum
Creating heat and drought tolerant sorghum for vital nutrient supplementation.
Feed the Future: Peanuts
Investing in disease-resistant varieties and creative interventions to feed the future.
Global TB
Fighting Tuberculosis with technology and advancing women's health in LMICs.
Harnessing food demand systems for improved nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa.
NRC: Language Flagship
The nation's first Portuguese Flagship Program.
NRC: Language Flagship Program
Russian-speaking communications and intercultural awareness for aspiring global citizens.
Cutting across disciplines and comprehending complex details for better global health.
Plastic: Sea to Source
Researching solutions to prevent plastic from reaching the ocean.
The Georgia Media Education Program
Democracy, transparency, and freedom of expression: Supporting free and independent media, worldwide.
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