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The University of Georgia is proud to partner with communities and scholars around the world to pursue research, teaching, and service that improves the lives of individuals and communities. Organized by United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), a sample of UGA-led initiatives includes:

Feed the Future: Peanuts
Investing in disease-resistant varieties and creative interventions to feed the future. (SDG 1, 2, & 3)
Harnessing food demand systems for improved nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. (SDG 1, 2, 3, & 17)
Global TB
Fighting Tuberculosis with technology and advancing women's health in LMICs. (SDG 3 & 5)
Innovating milk sterilization and storage for economic and health prosperity. (SDG 3 & 9)
Cutting across disciplines and comprehending complex details for better global health. (SDG 3 & 17)
Côte d'Ivoire University Partnership Initiative
Increasing high-quality, workforce responsive education, and global partnerships. (SDG 4 & 17)
NRC: Language Flagship
The nation's first Portuguese Flagship Program. (SDG 4)
NRC: Language Flagship Program
Russian-speaking communications and intercultural awareness for aspiring global citizens. (SDG 4)
African Civic Engagement Academy
The ACEA supports civic leaders across sub-Sahara Africa. (SDG 4, 10, & 16)
Mandela Washington Fellowship
Empowering young African leaders through mentorship and leadership training. (SDG 4 & 10)
Modern Day Slavery (ASPRIES)
Building a global community around the science of estimating human trafficking. (SDG 5, 8 & 16)
Plastic: Sea to Source
Researching solutions to prevent plastic from reaching the ocean. (SDG 12 & 14)
DOE Export Control Fellows Program
TFp is an intensive, strategic-trade-management training for global security. (SDG 16)
The Georgia Media Education Program
Supporting free and independent media, worldwide. (SDG 16)
US/UK Young Ag Leaders Exchange
Strengthening cultural ties and knowledge sharing in the grain and dairy business. (SDG 17)
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